Global Tech Co., Ltd. began operations in April of 1987 as a CLEANROOM Contractor for pharmaceutical, biotech and electronic industries both in Thailand and in the neighboring countries such as Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

In addition to designing and installing cleanroom system to customers, Global Tech also provide integrated facility planning to meet cGMP and GAMP compliance requirements. Global Tech is ready to provide turn-key solution with the company expertise and experience.


Turn-key Project

Design and install cleanroom system as a turn-key project starting from construction of building, HVAC & related systems, process equipments and support facilities such as purified water, gas.


Commissioning and Qualification

Design Qualification (DQ), Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), Performance Qualification (PQ)


Cleanroom Validation

NEBB Certified Firm for Cleanroom Performance Testing.


Service and Maintenance

After sales service and annual service contract.

Our Services

Stop wasting time and money designing and managing a website that doesn’t get results. Happiness guaranteed!


Cleanroom for Sterile Manufacturing Facility

Controls cleanliness, air flow, room pressure, temperature, relative humidity and microbials. Products manufactured include parenteral drug, injectables, blood products and derivatives, vaccines, serum and etc.

Cleanroom for Non-Sterile Drug Products

Controls cleanliness, air flow, temperature and relative humidity. Products manufactured include oral solid dosage, oral liquids and aerosols.

BSL-3 for research and development laboratories

Stringent control of air pressure and air flow direction. Biosafety laboratories where the most infectious diseases such as COVID-19 is researched daily.

Critical Utility Systems Commissioning & Qualification

We are recognized by the industries as specialists in Cleanroom and HVAC System. We offer tangible proof of the Commissioning and Qualification procedures outlined for NEBB disciplines. In addition to Cleanroom and HVAC System, we are also strong in other critical utilities such as Water System , Compressed Dry Air System , Purified Gas System.

Airflow volume test

To determine the airflow volume and air change.

Room pressurization test

To determine the capability of the Cleanroom system to maintain the specified pressure differential.

HEPA filter integrity and leak test

To ensure and confirm that the HEPA filter system is properly installed by verifying the absence of bypass leakage in the installation and the installed filters are free of defects and pinhole leaks.

Containment leakage test

This test is performed to determine if intrusion of contaminated air into the clean zones from surrounding non-controlled areas at the same or different static pressure level and to check pressurized ceiling systems for leaks.

Airflow visualization test

To verify that the airflow direction to the design characteristics.

Room recovery test

To measure the recovery rate for the cleanrooms / clean spaces to reach specified steady state cleanliness level after a contamination.

Maintenance Service

Maintenance can be troublesome in your company. We can offer you maintenance program with training on utility systems.

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